Business design in the age of social media

In an age where social media has almost unlimited power, companies have realized that having an effective presence on social platforms may be a better choice than only relying on TV advertisements. Let’s face it, the younger generation is slowly drifting away from television because most of the information they seek is available on the internet, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter and many other platforms. Plus, people don’t have to sit through advertisements on social sites most of the time. For a company, this is the age where social media presence is as crucial as ever.

Small businesses 

For small and less established businesses that rely on constant advertisement for their products and services, a good advertisement plan on social media sites can go a long way to boost business. If you have just started a company and want to get the word out there, then creating a Facebook page, Twitter page, Instagram account and a LinkedIn profile are all great ways to boost your business early on. Successfully starting and maintaining a business without social media presence is extremely difficult, even with good connections. By creating accounts to these platforms, you are taking the first steps in advertising yourself and your brand. However, it is imperative that after you’ve created presence, you target the right age group for your services and products. These days, Facebook users tend to be somewhat of an older demographic.

It is also the platform where many adult users spend their time; mainly those who could be your future clients. When advertising products and services it is the wisest to target an age group of at least 18 years old until about 65-70. Anyone younger or older may not be interested in what you have to offer, and you have to create your advertisements in a way that interests everyone in your targeted age spectrum. This, by the way, is not easy, and requires good marketing and strategy! As a business owner, your public Facebook page should show what kind of activities your company is doing.

A Facebook page, however, is not for directly showcasing products. It is best that you have a professionally constructed website for this purpose, ideally a web store which lets your clients order products and services. Your social media platforms should direct attention to this main site that you are primarily using for business. It is wise to post links on your social platforms that take people to your main page. You can also advertise sales, discounts, events and many other on these platforms, so more people visit your business site. Now, it may be easier for you to see that having your own Facebook Brand Page showcasing your work, and sharing articles and general information related to your services and products can attract a wide range of potential buyers.

Facebook now also offers advertisement plans for a relatively cheap price, so it is easier to get started. This strategy helps establish your credibility and passion for your career and shows people what you can offer. Pages and services can also be rated by users, which is also a good indication of how good a company is. Twitter and Instagram are also great sources for sharing relevant information about your business. Instagram helps add a friendly fabric to a company by providing customers with pictures of nice products. Twitter is a great way to make your work ’trending’. Although the opportunities are many, don’t forget that social media is just another tool. The evolution of social media reflects the evolution of the upcoming business world, and those who embrace it will find themselves equipped with more opportunities than those who don’t!

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